If there is one part of your body that is difficult to rest during the day, it is this: your eyes. For muscle pain, a little rest without physical effort and you are back on your feet. But how to do to be able rest his eyes ?

You may not be aware of it, but your eyes are strained throughout the day by factors that you did not necessarily suspect: pollution, heating, air conditioning, sun, screens
Not to mention wearing eyeglasses if you have some eye problems , which is essential, there are several tips to take care of your eyes and avoid many ailments.x.

What glasses can do for you

Your eyes are used all day long by screens, at work, at home and even in the street with illuminated advertisements: screens are omnipresent in our lives. The first solution to protect your eyes is to avoid screens and their blue light harmful to your eyes. But it is obviously complicated to avoid them these days. This is why most glasses current have protection  anti blue light : they are therefore to be favored when choosing your glasses. When you stare at a screen you also tend to look less blink and therefore your eyes dry out quickly, so it is important to remember not to stare too intensely and for too long at a screen.

You might not know it, but your eyes can get sunburned too! It is therefore very important to protect your eyes from Sun with some eyeglasses which block some UV rays which are harmful to your eyes.

What you can do to take care of your eyes

The eye strain is the main reason for your eyes to sore, so it is important to get them rested. But then how to do The answer is very simple: by sleeping more! This is when your eyes are strained the most..

Also, and you probably haven't thought about it because you have to know it, you can makesport in your eyes. The eye gym helps train your eyes and prevent eye strain. The index finger exercise is the best known: extend your arm in front of you and raise the index finger, then gently bring it closer to your nose and finally, pull it away several times in a row.

Finally, you can provide your body with nutrients that will be good for your eyes: we are talking about certain fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C or fish for omega-3 or even nuts for vitamin E *. Be careful though, these foods are not magic and will not solve your problems. eyesight problems ! For the latter, it is important to consult specialists.

* (Fish and nuts not provided when ordering a 3D Gravity printed frame)