Choosing your glasses can sometimes be complicated by the shapes and colors available to you. Thanks to Gravity you now know what are the eyeglasses that suit youmore according to your face. But do you really know all the shapes of glasses and their associated names??

Gravity invites you to review the different forms or rather types of shapes that we find inn eyewear .

différentes formes de lunettes schéma explicatif

First of all, the butterfly shape is a fairly feminine shape that enlarges the eyes with its slender side at the ends of the front of the bezel . The harmonious shapes of the butterfly models open your face by stretching your eyes and sublimating your gaze.


Then comes the most classic form, the one that takes up the most childish designs of a pair of glasses : round glasses. Who says classic shape does not necessarily mean lack of style! Round glasses are proof of that: nerd, cool or retro, round glasses suit a lot of styles and people, it's up to you to see if they can suit you. So rather John Lennon or Harry Pottertter ?

In the same line come the oval glasses, which also correspond to many face , by the young and less severe side that they can dismiss. This form of glasses is recommended for rather square faces.

The Pantos shape remains discreet but nevertheless original with its oval or round shape flattened on the top. Generally, this form of glasses also takes up the mythical key bridge present on many models at Gravity.

Square glasses are also a staple of glasses shapes , although they are quite rare, they are back in fashion recently, especially on round or oval faces, precisely to break the curves of the face.

After talking about square glasses, it makes sense to talk about rectangular glasses. This shape remains the preferred shape of many people but also of creators and brands because they can reflect different character traits depending on the person who wears them: rigor, seriousness, refined…

Not just reserved for bikers and pilots, the aviators glasses have an elegant but assertive side that will give you a daring side and complete your outfit and your style.

The Wayfarer shape is also a iconic eyewear shape . In fact, no matter what fashion trends and current trends, there are fans of this model who are fans of it and those who will never want it! To find out if they are right for you, only one solution, try them! At Gravity you can also try Wayfarer atour partner stores.

Finally, Clubmaster glasses are also a must in eyewear, because unisex and referring to the 50s and Rock'n'roll, they are however still relevant and are now available in many colors and shapes that also vary and we now find Clubmaster at Gravity!

At Gravity, we offer you 3d printed glasses available in many shapes, and even in new shapes not listed above! Discover all our 3D optical and solar frames here !