Fogging is the result of water vapor condensing on a cold surface and in a generally quite humid environment. This phenomenon sometimes amuses children (and adults) who draw thanks to the mist, but for everything glasses wearer , steam is a real scourge. It reduces visibility and can even be dangerous in certain situations, such as when driving for example. Gravity gives you some tips to avoid it!

An adaptation of the glasses

In some opticians it is possible to request glasses with a specific anti-fog treatment. This type of glasses provides optimal and durable protection against fogging for comfort of vision in all situations. However, when your lenses have already been cut and fitted, you still have the option of anti-fog sprays which can also get rid of fogging. Note that some lenses are anti-UV or anti-static treated and this reduces the effectiveness of these sprays.

kit anti buée lunettes gravity

Clean your glasses with soap

Another inexpensive but nonetheless effective technique consists of clean your glasses in soapy water and allow them to air dry. This process will create a thin transparent protective layer on your lenses and thus prevent the appearance of fogging. This solution is not sustainable, however, and you will have to start the process over several times a day.

Tips for avoiding fogging with a mask

If you are occasional porter or not of glasses you will not have escaped you that with the surgical masks that we have to wear in many places, the fog appears all the more quickly and easily on the glasses. To overcome this problem there are various tips:

  • You can place a handkerchief folded horizontally on the upper part of the mask which will absorb the moisture before it hits your skin. glasses , quite simple and rather economical!
  • You can also fold your mask if it is made of fabric. If you fold down the upper part of the mask, it will also be more difficult for the moisture to rise again and the mist will therefore be more difficult to form.
  • There are also accessories which pinch the top of the masks in order to best press the top of the mask on your mask and therefore prevent moisture from escaping the mask.


You can therefore request 3d printed glasses to one of ourpartner opticians and ask him to treat your glasses against fog or to provide you with an anti-fog spray! Discover them allhere.